Monday, 16 April 2012

A Drop of Tear…..(a poem )

A drop of tear is crying…
It feels helpless,
As nobody cares it…
It feels worthless.

It is shouting with anger…
For it has none talking,
It is frustrating to see….
How it resumes sulking.

It cries for its own life…every time it is born,
It senses the loath…every instant it is thrown.
It prefers its death… every point it is dead,
It feels the burnt of life…every while it is shed.

The drop of tear
Gets all ditched,
For the mistakes 
It never commits.

Oh my little one….
Come to me….!
U r precious,
I promise you….
For I shall always love you.

The drop of tear… is the lone company I have,
Memory of moment spent with it…. I gonna’ save.

Cos I understand the burden of living,
Cos nobody bothers to sense my being.

Two lonely souls…now happy together,
The drop of tear also cries with laughter.

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