Monday, 16 April 2012

DEATH - A Junction to a new LIFE

A beautiful journey may not guarantee us a wonderful destination. But a stunning destination is definite about to be followed up by a beautiful journey. A road may be full of hurdles but end purpose may be very beautiful and exciting. When one becomes sure of the wonderful destination, all the difficulties in the journey becomes irrelevant. In that case the pain of the journey becomes also worth taking again and again.
So is the LIFE. Life is a journey. It is a journey full of excitement and beauty. Life is a journey to DEATH. Well …I m not a pessimist person and I have no intention of drawing a gloomy picture here.
Life is a journey to death and this can well be very exciting. If the purpose of journey is exciting then I hope one can be sure about a wonderful journey. The core of Life is our soul. Soul is never ending. Soul is just infinite. Our soul is a part of some divine and grand purpose which is magnanimous then universe itself. Universe is created by GOD. Our soul is created by GOD along with the universe as well. Every soul has an infinite lifetime as soul can not be destroyed with the death of the body. Death happens to the body only unlike the core of it and that is the soul.
Birth is all about celebrating LIFE. Life is all about celebrating death. ….now that will raise a question in most of the minds……!!!!!!! Death is limited to our physical body only. The journey of Soul is infinite. So with a death the soul may rest or may change its mere worldly dress. The worldly dress of a soul is the physical body. With a death the soul still continues its journey to its supreme purpose. So life is the celebration of death as death may be considered only as a junction for a different journey to be started. In that outlook the whole perspective may change for an exciting twist. In the beginning of a new journey normally everybody becomes excited when one knows the destination is going to be beautiful. So death may be treated with a new flavor altogether if we consider it to be a beginning of next journey!
After death the soul just continues for its next purpose. Endless experiments and expedition is still going on to know the exact life after death experience. History, Religion and Philosophy etc also tries to give so many explanations about death but world of wisdom is not yet satisfied with the answer. Here, we can also say that as nobody yet could experience and feel the state of life (???) after death so the world does not know the feel. It is this enigmatic character of death which makes it so special. ‘Death Is Special’. Because here innumerable examples are easy to be found that death makes a person very worth praising for many times after death. But when the person was living, people around don’t bother to show truly the love, care, affection, respect, importance etc to that person and many times get involved into many nasty arguments but when the person dies in a fraction of seconds all people starts praising his qualities. In that case we can say that death makes a man worth living. So death is itself more special then life!!!!!! This is just one example but the list can go on. In life people are being hated/quarreled/fought/argued but after death the very same person is only appreciated by the same opponent. Life can make one feel negative but death can not. Nobody till now is known to feel or experience the life after death (!!!!). So other way round one can infer DEATH is all full of positivism in the absence of negativity!
It is this amazing quality of mystery that makes death an attractive subject for many. With death the experiences, reactions and feelings of a person meets an end. The death of a plant and animal also creates the void but here the theme is not considered of other then human beings, as apart from human beings other living beings are not considered to be able to feel or experiencing and expressing an accurate reaction to an action. The feelings with experiences and the power of expression only makes the human birth the most exclusive amongst the living beings of this world.
          So if we try to view the picture little differently then a whole new aspect unfolds in front of us. Every body is little bit worried of death as a whole. But this new vision can change the attitude towards death. There are many in this world that may suffer from some deadly disease/accident etc and may just await death in a short time. There is no-one matured who does not have the experience of the tragedy of a death of some closed one. But if we can view death as just the end of the physical journey excluding the soul then it will be much easier to accept the concept. Then again many will think that it is easier to write then to apply to real life. The attempt here is to just focus on the journey of the soul which is infinite and the ultimate objective may be to attain the excellent harmony in the awareness of the Almighty.
          In life one may experience everything one attempts to with a positive attitude. Though some times life offers tougher tests to pursue it may be only some hurdles to redefine our life for a much broader meaning. We only need to live life with a complete positive attitude to fulfill our purpose on this earth. Any simple experience, feelings, emotion on earth may seem unworthy which in turn actually may have a different perspective for the soul. Soul is the purpose we take birth here on earth. The body merely goes through many phases from birth till death to fulfill the purpose of the soul. The experiences here on earth through the body and mind may be what the soul strives to feel. In many instances we feel like a situation which is totally new but somewhat repetitive in our life. This is nothing but awareness at soul level. Our soul might have taken hundreds of births before the present one, so many situations seems to us repetitive as something similar might had happened to us in our earlier births. Thus we can even derive that soul can easily feel. Different births are nothing but only the way to fulfill the desire of the soul to experience the many perspectives of its highest purpose.
          So here is a thought about DEATH with a different twist. Let us see how this provokes the imagination of the brilliant minds with billionth ideas. DEATH can be a beautiful destination and life can well be an exciting journey ahead. So HAPPY JOURNEY and enjoy your present trip to the fullest!!!!!!!

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